When Looking For Recruitment Companies – Why Choose JobFitts?

Our Track record in permanent placements is several notches above the Australian Recruitment Industry Median

Our permanently placed candidates stay in their roles for over TWO years

Those candidates get promoted internally as career progression

Then progress to leadership roles with the same employer

A typical recruitment company’s role ends with a candidate joining your company. However, as Human Capitalisation & Consolidation Specialists, placing a candidate is only the mid-point of our journey alongside your path of success. We continue to track each of our hire’s progress, in terms of tenure, elevation and spin -offs into leadership roles. We use this data compiled over several thousand placements to continually improve our ‘ Hire-for-tenure’ algorithm for our clients.

Our fully trained recruitment consultants have a differentiated perspective to the business of hiring – First and Foremost, we are business managers, second, talent identifiers and finally, HR specialists with the ability to sell your brand to the candidate.

If you are a client partner using our services, this translates into a robust mechanism of talent-acquisition.
  • First, we relate to your business model and the job position deliverables
  • Sketch out a tailored candidate profile and ferret out the right fit from our wide area network spread over multiple databases and business forums
  • Sell your organisation and the opportunity to the candidate.
  • Assess candidate’s motivation to take on the role and meet your goals.
  • Your interface with the talent is at the last stage of an elaborate and meticulous process of Probe, Screen, Filter, Discuss, Sell and bring to the table.


Does it sound like we are taking over a large part of your recruitment issues?

Well, that exactly what our clients tell us. Our success is a by–product of striving to be an extension of your Business & HR apparatus. For over a decade, Australian employers have trusted us in hiring the best ‘fit’ for them. We have a separate division in each vertical to ensure focus and concerted efforts.

Some of these divisions are:

Accounting Finance Banking Business/Office Support
Business Intelligence Call Centers Facilities Management
Marketing & Communications Management / Leadership People & Culture