HR Referral Program

hr refferal programRefer a candidate to us and Earn up to $1000!

We recognize the importance and value of our network of contacts, but obviously, this is enhanced by ongoing HR referrals from professionals.

We value any references coming our way and to show our appreciation and monetise our ‘ thank you’ gesture for any HR referral, whether it be a Candidate or Employer organisation referral, JobFitts will reward you financially up to $1000.


Candidate Referral

Each time, Job Fitts places one of your referred candidate in a permanent position, you will earn per the following slabs:

  • Salary over $100K – Earn $1000
  • Salary under $100K – Earn $500
  • Contract position earn – Earn $250

Client Referral

For referring an Employer organization to Job Fitts Consultants, you will receive $1000.00 from us!

How it works

  • The referred candidate must not already be registered with Job Fitts Consultants or alternatively not had contact with a Consultant from Job Fitts within the last 12 months.
  • Job Fitts must place the referred Candidate within 6 months of receiving the referral.
  • For a contract placement, Job Fitts must place the referred candidate in a contract with a duration of at least 3 months.
  • For an Employer Organisation referral, Job Fitts must not have a current relationship with the company and a candidate must be placed within the first 6 months from the introduction of the Employer organisation.

Be Assured that we will immediately provide feedback on receiving the referral in case the company or candidate is already registered with us.


Candidate Referral

Permanent: Full payment made upon completion of 6 months employment with the new employer

Contract: Full payment made upon completion of 3 months employment with the new employer

Client/Employer Referral

Payment is made when the candidate placed in the referred client completes 6 months employment.