Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL) is one of
Australia’s largest mutual banks with over $8 billion
in assets. The organisation engaged JobFitts as their
exclusive recruitment partner 17 years ago.
In the highly competitive Sydney market, nding
and engaging quality talent is the most frustrating
aspect of recruitment for organisations like TMBL.
Competing against larger corporations, in terms of
career opportunities and salary, can be a signicant
challenge for smaller organisations.
The success of TMBL has always been dependent
on recruiting and retaining specialist banking talent
across all levels of their organisation. They require
talented candidates with unique skill sets who have
proven performance behaviours and a strong ethos of
customer focus.
Why engage JobFitts as your trusted
recruitment partner?
Account managers who understand the
role we are hiring for, and who demonstrate honesty
and transparency, are the key elements we look for
in a recruitment partner
– Isabel McNeil, Senior Recruitment Specialist
JobFitts has placed candidates with TMBL for 17
years. The legacy with the company, and the quality
of placements along with the good fee structure has
resulted in a long, strong and trusted partnership.
When we need staff quickly, especially temps, we
have used JobFitts. Having access to prequalied
temps with the right experience and skill sets make
it so much easier for internal recruiters and the hiring
“JobFitts was the obvious
choice for TMBL”
JobFitts Case
Study: Teachers
Mutual Bank
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The best part of JobFitts’
services is their integrity and
quality of candidates
– Isabel McNeil
How can you attract and retain
quality talent?
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Tel: 02 9220 3595 | job | You have the job. We have the right ‘t’.
We have found the consultants at JobFitts provide the most
professional services without the ‘hard sell’ of many other
recruitment agencies. Staff at JobFitts are well connected and
follow through for all candidate placements
– Marco Sicurella, Senior Manager HR, TMBL
How has JobFitts met the needs of TMBL?
The team at JobFitts have worked on building a relationship with TMBL for 17 years, and have a very good
understanding of our requirements. The consultant always makes the time to take a detailed brief, and to talk
to HR over the phone or in person to establish clear selection criteria.
The JobFitts consultant then meets with the hiring manager and team leaders to understand the team
dynamics, the leadership style of the immediate managers related to the role and the critical performance
indicators required. The presence of the detailed brief saves a lot of time later in process and results in a
quality shortlist.
Over the years, the transparent process and strong
account management has helped us nd purpose-driven
people who are proud to work for TMBL
– Isabel McNeil, Senior Recruitment Specialist
Demonstrating their extensive industry experience, JobFitts provides TMBL with market intelligence on
salary, talent movement and trends, all of which help attract the right talent.
The shortlist tends to contain between two and ve carefully screened candidates who are well-prepared and
genuinely interested in interviewing for the role. In some cases, JobFitts presents an initial long list, giving
hiring managers the insights to help them understand if their expectations are unrealistic.
The reference checking is thorough and has demonstrated integrity over the years. Above all, the staff at
JobFitts consistently maintain contact with placed candidates, HR and hiring managers, both throughout the
process and post-placement.
JobFitts understands TMBL’s values. The companies share the same philosophy of doing the right thing for
their customers.
There is mutual respect and a proven ability to work together to build a positive culture and nd the
right people who match TMBL’s culture and growth strategy.
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The value in using JobFitts
Permanent placements made by JobFitts over the years have shown a high ratio of temp to permanent
conversion, retention and longevity. Several candidates placed by JobFitts have progressed internally, with
retention ranging from 2 to more than 7 years.
Feedback provided by our hiring managers, and regular performance reviews, indicate the high quality of
hired staff sourced through JobFitts.
Candidate experience
Account manager ensures the candidate experience is seamless and engaged throughout the process,
complementing the TMBL employer branding strategy.
Promote TMBL’s employer brand
JobFitts promotes the brand, and employee benets and culture to prospective talent. They work closely
with the HR team to attract and hire top talent.
The biggest advantage of using JobFitts has been in nding the right operational candidates quickly as they
have deep networks in the Financial Services space.
JobFitts can supply temporary staff at relatively short notice, helping us immensely when we have peak
periods or vacant roles that need to be lled quickly. The turnaround time for temps and permanent roles is
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Tel: 02 9220 3595 | job | You have the job. We have the right ‘t’.
Amrutha has provided recruitment services to Teachers Mutual
Bank Limited for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of
the industry in which we operate. JobFitts Consultants has helped
us to ll roles within scope and
budget and are always willing help at short notice
– Helen O’Reilly, Chief Human Resource Ofcer, TMBL
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