Job Matching

Job Matching is a fool proof system to attract the right people the first time reducing the learning curve with new employees who are strategically matched to fit your company.

Often hiring practices overlook or fail to accurately measure soft skills, what is arguably the most important driver of job performance. By investing in Job Matching, you will secure the talent necessary for success while eliminating common biases often associated with the hiring process.

What is Job Matching?

Job Matching is the science of job fit. It is a scientific approach to both matching and aligning people to jobs for maximum performance.

Here’s why you Must invest in job matching:

Job Matching is the smartest way to select the best talent and develop a high-performance organisation. It matches the attributes of the job to the behaviours, motivators and drivers of the individual.

It is the foundation of the entire employment cycle as it serves as the central point of reference for hiring, developing, and managing talent.

You will have clarity on the behaviours of the new hire and understand the Why behind their actions. Giving you a road map to enhance performance and a satisfied employee.

The matching system uses the four sciences of performance:

  • The Science of Behaviour
  • The Science of Motivation
  • The Science of Personal Skills
  • The Science of Acumen/Decision Making

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