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Mutual Bank with unique talent requirements attracts and recruit successfully to grow nationally and improve employer brand.

Julie is a Senior Executive at a large Australian Mutual Bank, providing Retail Banking Services nationally. The bank employs over 200 employees and is rapidly growing. This Bank, headquartered in Sydney, has branches nationally including remote locations.

The Challenges of Recruiting Specialised Banking Professionals

Julie’s organisation requires people with a diverse range of skills. “Our people need to be great at customer service, sales and over the counter work,” she explains. “It’s very difficult to find people who can crossover between all of these skill sets.”

Julie’s team also work closely together so it’s critical that anyone new joining is the right cultural fit. In the past, recruitment companies have found it a challenge sourcing candidate who have the skillsets and are a cultural fit.

JobFitts has a working relationship with the Bank for over 15 years and was referred to Julie by other hiring managers within the organisation.

What Happened Next?

Amrutha had multiple conversations with Julie, HR and the Executive team to understand the business’s goals and the culture they wanted to develop. From these conversations, she understood the candidate ‘avatar’ the bank required in order to implement the organisational changes and develop their desired culture.

She put forward market trends in candidate expectations, salary benchmarks and other industry insights to the Executive team to develop a competitive hiring strategy to attract and retain the level of talent the bank required.

JobFitts, support clients right through from start to finish with a proactive approach making their candidates experience seamless. This promotes the client’s employer brand.
In addition, Amrutha invests time with successful candidates to ensure they transition smoothly from one job to another.

Services provided – Permanent and Temporary Placements

What was Julie’s experience of working with JobFitts?

Since 2000, Amrutha from JobFitts has helped Julie’s organisation find staff that fit the bill perfectly. “She really understands what we actually do and the fact that our team needs a highly diverse range of skills,” Julie says.

Because Amrutha takes the time to understand the needs of the business, where it is heading, and the organisational culture, she can secure candidates that slot into their roles easily and effectively.

Julie says Amrutha is very approachable, but also not afraid of asking the tough questions. “It’s essential we recruit new people on both their skillset and their character because they need to fit into the team very well,” Julie explains. “Amrutha is quite open about requiring candidates to fit the dynamics of the team.”

Amrutha also takes the time to get to know each candidate, getting past the “interview façade” to find their true personality.When she’s suggesting a particular candidate, we know that she’s done the background work and believes they will fit well with our requirements,” Julie says.

Would you recommend Jobfitts and why?

Julie happily recommends Amrutha to anyone needing help finding great staff.
We couldn’t find the right new people without her help,” she says.

What Next?

Organisations like Julie’s are continuing to use Amrutha and the JobFitts team to recruit for their teams because they also appreciate that 98% of Amrutha’s permanent placements stay in their roles at least two years, and 75% are promoted internally – saving companies time, money and hassle.

With years of experience and great track record, JobFitts can help you find people you will love having on your team.

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