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Candidate to Client! Over a span of 15years, this Candidate turned Client experienced the value in the service and the commitment to match great organisations with wonderful people.

Margaret is an experienced Customer Services Manager having worked with JobFitts in the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and Banking sectors. Margaret leads large teams and is responsible for recruitment and retention for her divisions.

As a Jobseeker, when applying for a new role, Margaret Haggerty was so impressed by the recruitment consultant, she has continued to use that consultant to find people for her own teams! That was over 15 years ago and the consultant was Amrutha Murali, MD of JobFitts.

Candidate Experience

As a candidate, Margaret was inspired by Amrutha’s understanding of the role and her knowledge of the hiring organisation. Amrutha not only checked Margaret’s background and credentials, she also thoroughly checked if Margaret would be a good fit for the organisation’s culture.

She also enquired about Margaret’s career direction and goals, wanting to make sure Margaret would be placed in an organisation where she could thrive. Then throughout the recruitment process, Amrutha kept Margaret updated through every step of the process.

JobFitts have helped Margaret build teams in three different organisations.

Finding The Person Who Fits Is The Challenge

In a team environment, recruiting a person that‘s the right fit is vital. “One person can destroy the balance and harmony of a team,” Margaret said. “Finding the right person is more than finding the right skill-set. You also need to find the right qualities.”

JobFitts and Margaret worked on two different occasions to build a Call Centre team from scratch. It was challenging to find the right experience, mindset and culture fit, not to mention the teething issues of a startup team around technology.

Due to continuous change, morale was low, and turnover was high. Attracting the quality talent and keeping them was demanding for Margaret’s team.

How did JobFitts help?

Amrutha and Margaret had several strategy discussions to craft a hiring strategy to address the challenges. In consultation with HR, expectations were reassessed, the skill set and experience level for the new team was revisited.

Amrutha presented a realistic picture of the talent pool, candidate expectations and competitors’ insights. This was only possible because of Amrutha’s HR knowledge and understanding of Employer Branding and in-depth research in the candidate market.

Once the requirements were clear the team at JobFitts then successfully sourced the suitable candidates and the team was established and stabilised. As the team started growing JobFitts took a proactive approach and provided a continuous flow of suitable candidates, so we filled vacant positions quickly as they became available.

While some recruiters put anyone forward simply to close the file and move on, Amruthaactively seeks the best people for your business based on your unique criteria. She invests time in understanding the business, the challenges and takes a consultant approach to provide a long-term solution.

Services Provided – Permanent, Contract and Temporary Placements

The JobFitts Experience

Margaret explains that Amrutha always puts forward very high calibre candidates. She follows the brief with integrity and never sends “junk” candidates that are a waste of time interviewing.

Amrutha is very, very conscious of the impact a poor candidate could have on her own reputation and the performance of the team,” Margaret says. “So she recommends high quality candidates that will fit the culture and skill set of your team.”

Working with Amrutha is “so easy”, Margaret says, because she takes the time to listen and understand your requirements. You know all candidates have been meticulously screened.

Amrutha invests time to understand Margaret’s expectations. “I don’t have to go through a long process because she knows me well – both as a hirer and as a candidate,” Margaret says.

What Next?

Finding a candidate with the right skill set can be hard but making sure they are a great fit is even harder.

But that’s where JobFitts can help. Amrutha is passionate about her craft and is committed to delivering above and beyond your brief.

Whether you are looking for work or looking to hire for your team, Amrutha will be right by your side to find the perfect fit for you.

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