5 Red Flags Every Company Should Look For During The Recruitment Process

Hiring new talent for your company can be a time-consuming and costly process.

First, there are the countless CVs you have to wade through as you shortlist potential recruits. Then
there are the numerous interview rounds, reference calls and background checks as you assess which
candidate will be the right fit for both the role and your company.

But if you pick the wrong person – that decision will haunt you.

Bad hires:

  • Cost you time and money in lost productivity as they struggle to perform
  • Drag down the rest of their team as they add stress and increase workloads
  • Poison the work environment so your good recruits leave
  • Need replacing – adding yet more expense and inconvenience

So, given their high cost – how do you weed out the bad hires from the good?

Fortunately, there are several red fags you can look out for during the recruitment process. If candidates show any of these telltale signs, best show them the door!

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