How to Write a Job Description That Delivers High-Performing Candidates

Successful managers in any industry not only [your sector] understand that hiring the right people to work for you can either make or break your business. At the same time, a poor hiring decision could lead to a wasted budget, higher turnover, and an unhappy team.

From an employer perspective, job descriptions provide the benefit of  establishing exactly what might be expected from future and current  employees. The outline for your job description can double as a  performance review, ensuring that your team members continue to excel  in their roles consistently.  

For applicants, job descriptions provide guidelines to help them determine  whether a job is right for them. Applicants reviewing a job description  will receive an insight into what might be expected of them, and which  tasks they’ll need to complete in the workplace. Throughout their career,  a job description can also give staff a reminder of the duties they’re  responsible for.

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